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Happy Birthday to [ profile] kassto!

This is a bit rough -- I just blasted through some parts of it just to get it down -- but I really need to get my momentum back on this story, so I'm just going to push ahead and hope for the best. I may do a little clean-up edit later. But! Things are finally starting to happen.

Title: How to be Good or Evil
Author: thedeadlyhook
Pairing: Probably Spike/Buffy. Eventually. You know me.
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters not mine; no infringement intended, and no profit is being made here.
Rating: PG, so far. I'll let you know when that changes. It will.
Warnings: A little horror movie-esque creepiness.
Feedback: No obligation, but it's nice.
Summary: A complete reimagining of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 7, following the breadcrumb trail of where I'd originally thought things might go/what kind of things I'd wanted to see.

How to Be Good or Evil, Chapter 5b: Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves Read more... )
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Egads, has it really been that long since I've posted? Things have been... busy. Nothing worth going into detail about, but at least I've finally carved out a moment to make some progress on this fic, now with title!

How to Be Good or Evil, chapter 5a Read more... )
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Next part! This is technically the second half of chapter 4, thus the "4b." But at this point, I figure it's better to just get the posts up as quick as I can and see how far I can get before RL starts getting crazy again.

Title: (No Name Yet... working on it)
Author: thedeadlyhook
Rating: This chapter, PG-13. Not sure where it's going overall yet.
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters not mine; no infringement intended, and no profit is being made here.
Summary: A complete reimagining of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 7. Some ideas from the season will appear, but I'm making no real attempt to track canon here, so others probably will not. We'll see where it takes me!

Previous installments: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4a.

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Here goes! This is my revisit-Season-7-BtVS fic, where I try to come at the story fresh and do what I would've done, for lack of a better way of putting it. It's a bit rough yet, but I figure I should probably post while I have the inclination and the time instead of waiting until it's perfect. [Edited to add: this part is a bit short, so I'm calling it Chapter 4a, and the second half of this chapter, 4b, will follow in the very near future.] Suggestions and comments welcome!

Previous installments: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3.

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I'm having a very odd moment of stage fright. It's been so long since I've posted regularly to LJ, that I've even had time to read my Friends page or check in with anyone, that coming back to the journal I've had for... holy crap, nearly 10 years(!) is starting to make me feel like a bit of an intruder. I have no idea what anyone's up to anymore or if anyone's even interested in reading Buffyfic these days.

Would it be weird if I started posting new chapters of my WIP? Bueller?
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Popping up briefly to wish a Very Happy Birthday to [ profile] shapinglight!

...and then disappearing again because, man, the overall RL work schedule right now. *flails* Free time would be a nice thing to have again....
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And thank you [ profile] sharelle! What a great start to the day!


Feb. 26th, 2012 08:15 am
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I has a dragon! Thank you, [ profile] green_maia!
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I can't believe I missed Seasonal Spuffy free day! It's been that kind of couple of weeks -- I blinked, and then it was gone. Wah.

Ah, well. I'll just keep posting here when I get the chance. So, a little Halloweenish scare reading for you -- part the third of my as-yet nameless fic, a BtVS Season 7 redux.

Part Three )
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I'm still behind on comments - sorry, folks! - but at least here's the next part of the new fic. Eventually I'll come up with a title, and figure out how to cross-post to Dreamwidth, stuff like that. For disclaimers, etc. see Part 1.

Part 2 )
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Wow, guys! I'm just blown away by the reaction to my weird little stream-of-consciousness fic post. I promise I'll respond to everyone individually to everyone when I get a minute, but in the meantime, I just wanted to say Thank You in general. One of the biggest issues of my current circumstances is that my online time has been rather severely limited, and as a consequence I know I've lost touch with the community and my friends here. But you just all made me feel like I just came home.

On the fic: I should warn you, though, about what you're getting into: I don't actually have a specific ending in mind for this story yet. (This is actually typical for me - as I recall, I started out "Dirty Back Road," this way.) This has to do with the main reason I wanted to write this fic, and why I think I keep returning to it. I want to work out what I would've like to have seen or experienced through these characters instead of what I did see onscreen. A lot of times, weirdly enough, I don't really know what that is until I start to write it.

I may end up posting a few ruminations on all this in between the fic posts, which may be.... a little spaced out. (See above note about limited Internet time, although there won't be too long a wait for the next part, as that's mostly finished and has been for some time now.) How stories are built, what attracts my attention and keeps it, and what I find satisfying by way of resolutions and endings are topics that are sort of obsessing me right now, so I'll be trying to see if I can put some theory into practice over the course of this story.

I would love to hear some of your opinions about the characters, though, if people have time. I guess it's pretty clear from this opener that one of my frustrations with Season 7 was the status of various relationships, which I felt needed some serious clarification. How are Buffy and her sister getting along these days? What's the deal with Xander? And shouldn't everyone be a little more weirded out by the re-opening of the high school? Etc.

Any questions that you always wanted to see answered from Season 7? Hit me with your thoughts!

New Fic!

Oct. 4th, 2011 01:05 am
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I've been absent for far too long. Sorry about that, folks.

It's been that kind of... well, year. Or years, rather. Lots of RL problems, no time, no money, career in flux, you name it. But in the background, here and there, I've been working on this weird little Buffyfic. Which, I figured, I might as well share with you all, or at least those of you who still have any interest in reading Buffyfic.

Anyway. Don't feel the need to comment if you don't want to, since I've been crap for commenting on anyone else's work lately, but if you enjoy it, I'll pick up the vibes from the universe and be glad. No obligations. (If I can get a little further on this story, I might post it for Seasonal Spuffy free day later this month.)

This is a complete re-imagining of Season 7. YES! I'm serious.

For some reason I can't quite fathom, that period still calls to me the way a redo of Season 6 doesn't - I mean, I have problems with Season 6 (ask me sometime about how my brain starts to break when I think about the Trio's surveillance cameras, and how they somehow never caught Spike and Buffy having sex on film, and not only what a missed opportunity that was, but how unlikely that was, given the multiple al fresco incidents) - the potential was there, and at odd moments, I can still motivate myself into feeling excited about the could have beens. Which I can't exactly explain, so... oh, I guess if you're read this far, maybe you should just read the fic.

Click on through to the other side.

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I thought about creating a filter for this, but... whatevs. If I get too much grief from it, I'll just flock it.

If you like the Buffy Season 8 comic, you won't find joy here.

On Buffy Season 8 Issue 40 )


Nov. 15th, 2010 11:20 am
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A Very Happy Birthday to [ profile] shipperx!!!

In other news, I'd hoped to have something ready today for [ profile] seasonal_spuffy free day, but time has conspired against me, woe. : (

Still working on my sketches of the characters for the ficathon comic. Man, SMG is kind of hard to draw.
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Talk about handy for research purposes! I just realized that all of BtVS is available on streaming Netflix. As well as the Buffy movie, which I'm rewatching right now.

Wow, I'd forgotten that Hillary Swank was one of Buffy's valley-girl crew in this movie. She does disdainful like a champ. (She seems to be the proto-Cordelia character.) And whoa, David Arquette is Luke Perry's best friend!

I do love me some Rutger Hauer, but Paul Reubens really stole this film.

It's funny; Buffy in the movie was a character I'd quite liked, although she is different from the TV series. Part of it is simply that Kristy Swanson comes off as less vulnerable and fragile than Sarah Michelle Gellar; this is Buffy as ass-kicker even without knowing about her powers. Likewise, the YouTube clip of the promo reel for the Buffy Animated Series that never quite materialized is also quite instructive in that that Buffy is more unapologetically superhero-ish and has a kinda Gothic-looking character design, which makes her... well, a bit more like Faith or something. Interesting.

ETA: Huh. I'd note that in the movie, vampires can't just waltz into the high school gym. Buffy has to come outside to deal with them. And I'm strangely enchanted by the bit where Luke Perry gives Buffy his leather jacket so she doesn't have to fight them at a full prom-dress disadvantage. There's a lot of things the movie does right.

Then again, there's also a lot of rip-off sources in clear view: Valley Girl, Salem's Lot and Carrie, most obviously. The film plays as a parody of these sources, so it isn't what you'd call a problem, but it doesn't much count as a display of originality, either - only Buffy herself feels fresh, and that's only if you haven't seen Nightmare on Elm Street 4. (Seriously, all the pieces are there: the horror-movie final girl, the gymnastics, the special powers, the blonde...)

ETA 2: Not that I'd, like, recommend Nightmare on Elm Street 4. It's honestly not the best of the NoES sequels (that would probably be the one in 3D, IMHO - 6, I think - which plays a bit like a dry run for Freddy vs. Jason; it's not perfect, but gets points for cool ideas), but there is this one moment with a training sequence where you go, whoa, this chick is like a proto-Buffy or something.
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...or at least inspired, because I signed up for [ profile] rahirah's Nertz to You, Joss Whedeon! Ficathon

I may actually draw this one. Because, y'know, comics. Look for sketches, coming soon.
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Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes! And thanks so much for the virtual milk and cookies, [ profile] lyrstzha! And Happy Belated Birthday to you as well - I hope you had a great day!

I've been reading a few first reactions on my flist to the latest Buffy comic (#35), and... wow. I'm sorta speechless. But only sorta. Read more... )
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Can I just say how much I enjoyed talking to everyone today? It's been far too long. I've so missed you guys. (hugs you all)

To repay the favor, a film rec: Lo. (The link is to Netflix, where you can watch instantly if you have a Netflix account.)

Why I'm recommending this: In a nutshell, it's Xander/Anya: The Movie, from the point of view of someone who really felt there was more to say about that relationship. Seriously. Whether that was the actual inspiration for the film or not - although once you see it, I think you'll see why I think it very likely was - that's really how it plays. It's like a film version of the best type of fanfic, the kind where the author wants to share something with you about what they felt and saw and learned.

Check it out. And let me know what you think!
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Figures that the moment I actually find the time, energy, and something to say on LJ the damn journal chooses to all but shut down. I mean, just getting this text to post has been like fighting a siege.

Seriously, is it just me? My computer is a few years old and not running the latest browser, plus I recently let my account lapse from paid to free (due to financial woes with which I will not bore you), but hoo-boy, those advertisements are browser speed killers. I'm running NoScript to block the worst of it, but it's still bad - if I were a newbie looking for a journal right now, and the community I was eager to commune with wasn't already there, I wouldn't like twice at LiveJournal, not when I can get ad-free accounts elsewhere: Blogger, Twitter, Dreamwidth, etc. Video and audio ads! Jeebus! Facebook is certainly as irritating as hell with its ad content, but at least it's never thrown audio at me. Yikes. Fail, LJ. Gigantic fail.

Sigh. Does that whole invite thing still apply for Dreamwidth?

Anyway, on to the main event. Do I even dare comment on the current Buffy Season 8 hijinkery? Can I resist? Read more... )

Otherwise, I've missed so many birthdays as to really not be funny. Very Belated Very Happy Birthdays to [ profile] danceswitwords, [ profile] asta77, [ profile] rahirah, [ profile] sangueuk, [ profile] makd, [ profile] paratti, [ profile] calove, [ profile] goldenusagi, [ profile] crackers4jenn, [ profile] constance_b, [ profile] revdorothyl, [ profile] irfikos, [ profile] entrenous88, [ profile] sharelle, [ profile] quinara, [ profile] eowyn_315, and Happy Birthday in advance (tomorrow) to [ profile] evilawyer!!!
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Damn, it has been a really long time since I last posted. Ye gods. Happy Belated New Year, everyone! I guess this would be the late equivalent of my year-end taking-stock post.

It's ironic, I think: I've become more and more of a hermit, social-networking-wise, now that it's practically ubitquitous out there, what with the Facebook and Twitter, and etc., etc. The more pressure there is to be "on" all the time, the less I find myself having to say. Yes, of course I realize that this is only an imagined pressure on my part, but still - I honestly find myself thinking You know, I just want to stop and smell the flowers, or read a book, or whatever, without blogging about it, okay? As happy fun-time things go, it's starting to feel a bit too much like a job.

Which I guess is part of why I haven't been around too much. The other part is the usual fandom drift; my current television and movie viewing is poles apart from the tastes of my friendslist (I watch little on TV these days other than cooking shows, Discovery Channel, and Cartoon Network - ask me about "Worst Cooks in America"! - and I think the last film I saw in a theater was Paranormal Activity). I'm also pretty much off the Buffy fandom radar, as I'm not following the comics. (Although I did hear about the "Twilight" reveal, and have little to add that hasn't already been said by [ profile] rahirah or [ profile] shipperx.) I skim LJ, but rarely comment... I really don't know what to say anymore. Sigh.

On a slightly more uplifting note, I've actually started to write again. Read more... )


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